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Based in la Roche sur Yon, Vendee, just a few km from the Atlantic ocean, is specialized in transporting RollONRollOFF (RO / RO), to and from all destinations worldwide.

As International Freight Forwarders, we manage import / export of all rolling units: vehicles, farm machinery, agricultural equipment, but also industrial goods, heavy lifts, oversized goods and containers.



Logistics expertise

ATM Solutions is foremost a pragmatic, multi-purpose, human-sized team offering you a partnership to advise and accompany you in all international RO / RO projects.

Documentary management

Our role is to take care and manage from A to Z all your export documents, including documentary credits, letters of credit, all authorization requests or customs formalities.


In the field of international transport and import / export, time is the key to success. ATM Solutions knows this better than anyone else; that’s why we commit ourselves to giving you an answer within 24h of your request.

Why not take advantage with a Win-win partnership?



All destinations in the world

ATM Solutions bases its values on the partnership and the accompaniment of its customers, forcing itself to ceaselessly improve the quality of its services pushing borders of Intermodal transport. How? By offering you more international destinations hereby contributing simply to your success!

Intermodal, Container, RORO, Breakbulk, road, combinated...

And because we think that unified logistics applies throughout the international transport, ATM Solutions conceives the routing of your goods towards many destinations by combining all possible ways to assure you the shortest and the safest transport: road, sea, air, rail, river …

From Africa, to Middle Orient and Asia, we looking for the best Solutions

Our vision has no limits!

  • Handling

    Transporting oversized goods requires specific lifting, blocking and stowage. ATM Solutions uses all available and certified know-how to secure your goods during transport.


Our society is conscious of the risks of transhipment during the chain of multimodal transport, we try our best to work only with partners with whom we are certain of their reliability and their professionalism.


  • Port delivery

    According to the destination and the origin of your goods, ATM Solutions adapts its solutions. Whether it is on the provision of semi-trailers, MAFI or Engine-drivers, together we’ll choose the best possible transport combination for your goods.

    The most profitable, the fastest and the safest.


  • RO/RO

    Our expertise regarding RO / RO confers us an accomplished know-how. In direct link with shipping companies realizing ships equipped with crossbars RO / RO, our team assures you a  secure and simplified management of your goods thanks to the drastic respect of safety regulations and to the access ramps behind each ship. Your vehicles and rolling machines can, therefore, to be embarked / disembarked by themselves or with harbour trailers MAFI for all industrial, heavy or oversized goods. 

    We can transport all type of equipment:

    - Construction : Pelle, bulldozer, tombereau, niveleuse

    - Handling : Nacelle, grue mobile, Chariot

    Farm: tracteur, ensileuse, roumbaleur


  • The container


    ATM Solutions also takes care of transporting parts and accessories which you may need to be added to your machines or industrial goods.

    We also look after transporting these specific containers to coordinate as best as possible, all the parameters of your shipping hence making exporting an easy job with the one and same partner.

    Our engineering department is also here to help you in your research to reduce your carbon footprint on all river and railroad connections.


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Olivier LEGROS
Founder & CEO
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Business Developer
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"Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere."

– Albert Einstein